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Ask any beekeeper why, or how, they got started in keeping bees and you will most likely need a cup of “coffee” or glass of “sweet tea,” because you’re going to “bee” listening for a long time. Beekeepers love to talk about their bees, honey, crafting wax products, or anything having to do with honeybees. Beekeeping is a science and I know that many people do not enjoy science, however, to become good at this craft one must study, ask questions, be willing to work hard, and most of all, enjoy the taste of honeybees.

Beekeeping helps the environment immensely as honeybees pollinate flowers, vegetables, trees, bushes, shrubs, and most any plant that has pollen or nectar associated with it. The beekeepers who belong to Haywood County Beekeepers Chapter (HCBC) in Waynesville, North Carolina know all too well about the hard work and financial sacrifice that goes into beekeeping. But then, any hobby or business costs money, and most do not help the environment.

Take a journey through some Apiaries and see what all the “buzz” is about and what other beekeepers are doing to help the environment and hopefully, have an enjoyable time and make some money selling bees and/or honey. One final word of caution before you “buzz” these hives, beekeeping can be addictive in a sweet way.

Beekeepers and Their Bees

Bill Skelton's candlesCandle dipping by Bill Skelton