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The dynamic beekeeping duo of Beth Sain and Rick Queen were at it again during the Haywood County Fair. During a teaching event about bees and beekeeping, this pair of Haywood County Beekeepers Chapter (HCBC) members educated about five-hundred and seventy-five young forth-grade children on the art of beekeeping. Every Haywood County school, charter school, and even some home schooled children attended this event and it was an exciting time for everyone, while being quite educational for both children and adults.

In addition, ten people submitted seventeen separate entries in the honey judging competition as they competed for various ribbons and awards. These entrants were primarily HCBC club members.

Three of our own HCBC club members entered the wax mold competitions: David and Rose Massengill, along with Beth Sain, who won a blue ribbon in the wax candle division. In the honey judging competition, there were three blue ribbons winners: Tyree Kiser for “light comb” honey, Allen Stuart for “light extracted” honey, and Rick Queen for “dark extracted” honey. Congratulations to all and thank you to all of the children who came to learn about honeybees.

2017 Haywood County Fair - Education Day at the County Fairgrounds - Waynesville, NC

Beth and Rick teaching 5th graders about honeybees.

2018 Haywood County Fair - Education Day at the County Fairgrounds - Waynesville, NC

Explaining honeybees to Meredith Allen’s 4th grade class from Bethel School

Photos used with permission