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Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2020

Opening Ceremony

At 6:05 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, President Allen Blanton called to order the Haywood County Beekeepers Chapter Board of Directors meeting on the Zoom online webinar.

Present were: Rick Queen, president; Mickey Clemmons, vice-president; Al Edwards, director; Keith Stiles, director; Rudie Bax, director; Dr. Bill Skelton, honorary director; Cynthia Schwartz, treasurer; David Zachary, director/webmaster; and Victoria Morrison, secretary. Absent members: Paul Lott, director and Rick Queen, past-President.

Old Business

No old business open for discussion.

New Business

  1. Discussed having notes taken for regular meetings and board meetings. It was noted to only have board meetings minutes posted on the website, not regular meetings unless business is discussed at those meetings.
  2. Treasurers report: $1297.22 in checking, $2633.40 in savings, collected $95 on the bee raffle. We need to pay Kathy $220 for bees.
  3. There will be no live meeting in April due to COVID-19. There will be a meeting through ZOOM. There will be an expert panel comprised of Allen Blanton, Bill Skelton, Lewis Cauble, and Tyree will be the speakers. Questions for the panel will be sent through CHAT. Members will be asked to mute their speaker, so as not to disrupt the meeting on ZOOM. The link will be put on the website.
  4. The May meeting will also be remote through ZOOM. Keith styles will be the speaker discussing the state conference and “Born & Bred.” Rich Byers may conduct a beginner bee meeting at 6:30 where new Beekeepers can ask questions.
  5. The Bee package that will be raffled off will be put in a NUC.
  6. The state meeting is July 16. Tentatively two days prior to the state meeting there will be the Bee Academy with Dr. David Tarpy. It will be hosted in Haywood County and volunteers may be needed. A motion to help with refreshments was tabled.
  7. There will be no hive inspections next week. Bill says he knows a person who sells NUC’s and they must be inspected.
  8. Hannah Levenson, a graduate student, may come in June and talk about her thesis on “pollinator habitat.”


President Allen Blanton closed discussions and the meeting was adjourned at 7:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Morrison, secretary

Haywood County Beekeepers Chapter


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