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Beginning Beekeeping Course Moved to February 28th

The Beginning Beekeeping School scheduled for Saturday, February 21st has been moved to the following Saturday, February 28th.  Scheduling challenges caused by recent weather have led to the change. Times remain the same, 8:30 to 4:00, at the Haywood County Extension Office with a field day to follow in April.  Thank you.

The cost of the course is $50 and includes membership to the Haywood County Beekeepers Association and the NCSBA.  To register, call the extension office in Waynesville at 828-456-3575 or email Brother Allen at  Also, please click the bee school link to open and print the bee school application.  Complete and mail with payment to the included address so that it arrives by Wednesday, February 11th, or bring your application and payment to the class.  Please try and inform the club you plan to attend the course so we can be prepared, (but still do come even if it slips your mind).

2015 Intermediate Beekeeping School

The Haywood County Beekeeping Club will offer an Intermediate Beekeeping School on Saturday, April 11th at the Haywood County Extension Center.  The day long session will be led by master beekeeper Mel Disselkoen of Michigan.  He will present his OTS (On the Spot) Queen Rearing System.  The session costs $25 and is now open for enrollment to all interested beekeepers as space allows.  To register, email Brother Allen at  Please also click the bee school tab above and select, print, and mail the application to HCBC PO Box 1391, Clyde, NC 28721.  Thank you.

Are we ready for winter?


As I write this post the temperature is 18 degrees and it is not even winter yet.  I can only pray that my bees have situated themselves close to some honey that they can stay warm through these few cold days.  Hopefully all of our beekeepers have done there job to get our bees ready for winter. If you feel like that your hive is not ready you may have to help the bees along to save your hive from starvation.  Other than feeding there are a few pointers that will help your hive through this winter…

1.    Keep a check the weight of your hive (45 to 60 pounds of honey should be available)
2.    Check the entrance to see if there is any blockage. (if there is any blockage remove any dead bees or any other debris)
3.    Ventilation should be made for the hive to keep moisture at a bare minimum.  Hives need to be dry.  (I usually keep an empty queen cage at the back and underneath the telescoping lid.)
4.    Place an order for new bees or queens as well as new equipment that you may need.
5.    And of course make plans to attend our monthly meeting, which is the first Tuesday night of the month at the Extension office in Waynesville, NC.
We would like to invite you to our meeting in December.  This will be annual social gathering with everyone bringing a covered disk to share.  We would like to have a Cake auction to raise money for our bee club.   Hope to see you at our meeting.

December Meeting

Our December meeting will be on the 2nd at 7pm. This will be our annual social gathering with everyone bringing a cover dish to share.

Would you consider bringing a cake or pie to be auction off for our fund raising event? These funds will help offset some expenses for the upcoming events in 2015.

It is time to renew our membership and may I encourage you to join our state association.  The membership for NCSBA is $15. Our club fee is $10.  The membership form is located in the link “about hcbees”

Haywood County has been chosen to host the 2015 NCSBA SUMMER MEETING.

The NCSBA Spring meeting will be held in conjunction with South Carolina on February 5-7 in Monroe, NC

This is going to be an exciting year for Haywood County Beekeepers.

May your BEES still be buzzing,     See you soon, Brother Allen


Our next meeting will be November 6th at 7pm. This will be our annual election of club officers.  The following officers  are being voted on… Vice President, Secretary, and two directors. If you would like to nominate someone please call Sue Ellen Fox @ 828/ 400-1869

We will be talking about Hive Maintenance during winter. Please come with questions to ask

Top Bar Beekeeping

Our next meeting is October 7th at 7 pm at the Haywood County Extension Center in Waynesville, NC

Ricky Manning will be our guest speaker.  He will give us some insights to the world of beekeeping using Top Bar Hive.