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Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

May 01, 2018

At 6:12 p.m. on Tuesday, May 01, 2018, President Rick Queen called to order the quarterly Haywood County Beekeepers Club Board of Directors meeting at the Haywood County Extension Center, 589 Raccoon Road, Waynesville, NC 28786.

Present were:  Rick Queen, president; Rich Byers, vice-president; Rudie Bax, director; Corie Lewis, director; Spencer Huggins, director; Dr. Bill Skelton, honorary director; Brother Allen Blanton; immediate past president; Cynthia Schwartz, treasurer; David “Zach” Zachary, webmaster; and Cindy Way, secretary.

Old Business

Bee City USA: A head representative from Bee City USA will speak at the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association summer meeting this year, and is also scheduled to be the guest speaker for the Haywood County Beekeepers Club meeting in October 2018.  This speaker will provide detailed information with regard to the process of becoming a Bee City USA and the costs involved.

A brief discussion was held on potential benefits of becoming a Bee City USA. The consensus of the Board was to wait until we hear our speaker in October before making a decision regarding if the Club wishes to pursue this project.

There are currently 100 Bee Cities USA in the country.

Zach made the group aware of House Bill 44, which addresses ordinance criteria regarding honey bees.  However, thus far, no towns in Haywood County have prohibited keeping honey bees.

Rick and Rich reported that the Town of Waynesville is attempting to improve Chestnut Park and there is a possibility that the Town might permit our Club to establish a pollinator area within Chestnut Park.  Rick and Rich have spoken with the Town and are awaiting more information.  If approved, our Club will need volunteers to establish and maintain the pollinator area.

Rick will propose this idea at the regular monthly meeting for May 2018 and ask for suggestions as to plants, flowers, layout and maintenance. Rick will also propose the idea of a work day for the project, if approved, possibly on a Saturday morning.

Student Beekeeping Educational Project: A discussion was held regarding our proposed project to involve high-school aged and middle-school aged students in beekeeping. Rudie contacted Tuscola and was advised that this year’s curriculum is set and that the issue would need to be proposed for next year’s curriculum.

Bill cautioned that previous attempts to involve students in beekeeping have been denied by the School Board citing liability concerns.  

It was determined that Pisgah High School might be a potential school to approach.

Spencer offered to donate some items such as foundation and frames if this program develops.

New Business

E-mail Scammers and Phishing Attempt: Rick and Cynthia reported to the Board that the Club was recently subjected to an e-mail scam attempt, which appeared to be an e-mail from Rick to Cynthia stating an urgent request for money. No money was sent.  Zach explained how these scammers operate and urged everyone to never reply to such e-mails.

No July Meeting: There will be no July meeting since that meeting date would fall the evening before the July 4th holiday and many families have other plans.

The August Varroa Mite Workshop and Field Day is scheduled for August 11, 2018, with NC Apiary Inspector Lewis Cauble.  Bill will check for availability of the site across the road from the Extension Center, which is where the workshop was held last year. We will also need to determine if we want to hold a covered dish supper after the workshop again this year.

Honey Extraction Facility: Spencer reported an electrical issue in the honey extraction house. Bill stated that any work in that regard must be done to meet code and that he will look into the issue and have someone qualified to check the problem.

Buckwheat Seed: Rick reported that he has located a source where the Club may purchase Buckwheat at a cost of $53.00 for a 50-pound bag. One of the benefits of Buckwheat is that it matures quickly. A discussion was held in favor of selling some of the seed for $2.00 per pound with proceeds to go to the Club treasury, and also giving some of the seed as door prizes at the monthly meetings.

Zach made a motion that the Club purchase a 50-pound bag of Buckwheat seed from this source at a cost of $53.00, that the Club sell a portion of that seed at a cost of $2.00 per pound with the proceeds to go to the Club treasury, and that a portion of the seed be given as door prizes at the monthly meetings.

Zach’s motion was seconded by Rich.

Motion carried.


President Rick Queen closed discussions and the meeting adjourned at 6:57 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy G. Way, secretary

Haywood County Beekeepers Chapter


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