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Board Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2017

Haywood County Beekeepers Association Board Meeting Minutes 6/15/17

Board members in attendance:  Rick Queen, Allen Blanton, Rich Byers, Carrie Keller, and David Zachary.  Also in attendance were Diane Byers and Beth Sain.

At 6:30 pm on Thursday, June 15, 2017 President Allen Blanton opened the meeting with thanks for Rich and Diane’s hosting the meeting at their home and providing pizza, salad and drinks.

July’s meeting has been cancelled with our next club meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 1st. Rich will lead the meeting due to Brother Allen’s absence.

Allen gave the financial report, noting that the bank account is within normal range but with the recent increase in membership and plans for future speakers and events, it makes sense to increase club funds through various fund-raisers.

Annual Club Field Day event is scheduled for Saturday August 12, to be held at the Mountain Research Station across from Haywood County Extension Center’s offices. Activities will include demonstrations for beginners and experienced beekeepers of methods for mite control (based on the list of five endorsed by Lewis Cauble, NC Bee Inspector for our area). Lewis will be on site for education program along with Sarah from Wild Mountain Bees and Kathy Taylor with KT’s Orchards.  Demos will be from 3 to 5 pm with meal on the hill picnic style from 6 to 7 pm. Fried chicken and pork barbeque will be provided by the club (with plates and utensils). Members will be asked to sign up in advance and contribute potluck items to add to meal. Notice of the event will be sent by mail, email and announced at the August 1st meeting.

Fund raising ideas: Rich Byers displayed a new T-shirt and hat with multi-color design that has the state of NC in a honeycomb, with our name and website. He is waiting for a quote from a local company for producing clothing items, announcing that sales will resume as soon as possible (August meeting at the earliest). It was suggested that the Board members get early purchase option to wear in solidarity when they become available.  Previous logo will continue to be used on printed materials. New clothing design approved by board vote.

Other potential activities to raise funds for the club were discussed:

Website update: David Zachary presented the need for accessing and improving the outdated hcbees Facebook account.  The board voted to allow Zach to contact Facebook with the request to keep the site and provide access (the club member who designed the original page has passed away).  This will improve the existing link on our club website.

Zach presented the idea to open a PayPal account in the club’s name to allow for payments of purchased items, donations and perhaps even membership dues electronically, thus it would potentially provide access towards getting some public donations though a “donations” button on the website.  The motion was presented, seconded, and passed. He will work with Cynthia (Treasurer) to open and implement the account.

In addition, Zach proposed creating simple business cards for the club (to add to brochures) with basic information for a lesser cost than brochures. A motion was made by Allen, seconded and approved to the print cards for distribution.

Communication difficulties with membership was discussed.  Active members (paid dues) and inactive members should be on different lists, with active members getting important news via email and/or standard mailings. Cynthia and Vicky will be asked to collaborate on updating lists to allow for better communication.

Rich Byers opened discussion about the club’s honey extraction equipment.  Allen will contact Spencer (board member volunteered to manage equipment) who is presently is out of town, and he will have Zach announce availability, new location, and the process on the website.

Allen closed discussions and adjourned the meeting at 8 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Keller

for Vicky Morrison (Secretary)

Haywood County Beekeepers Chapter


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