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Good day beekeepers. My apiary is in the heart of “sourwood” country and I try to keep twenty-five active hives. This count rises and falls, especially after winter losses, and these hives are old. You will see duct tape patching holes and I do not have many screen bottom-boards. The hives are almost two feet aboveground to keep pests like skunks and raccoons from becoming a problem. Two cement blocks help support the 2” x 4” or 2” x 6,” or 2” x 8” boards for the hives to sit on and I usually have two hives placed side-by-side. This arrangement allows me to place materials on one hive while I work on another hive. Having space to park behind the hives is important too because, it allows me to load and unload the heavy honey supers much easier. This is a great location and I am fortunate because I love this hobby.

Tyree Kiser,

Tyree Kiser

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Duct tape works for patching holes in hives

Honeybees getting some fresh air

Hives in the Woods

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