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October 01, 2019

Presidents Report: President Rick Queen called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Haywood County Beekeepers Chapter for October 2019.

Nominating Committee: Brother Allen Blanton volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee for the club elections upcoming in November.  Bill Skelton volunteered to serve on the committee. Anyone else willing to serve on the Nominating Committee is asked to please contact Brother Allen by phone at (828) 400-1735 or by email at

Positions up for election are: President, secretary, two board of directors, possibly vice-president and possibly treasurer.

Mountain State Fair: Between Haywood County and Buncombe County, there were more than 35 entries in the honey competition, which is more than twice the entries at last year’s Mountain State Fair.

Bloom Report: Currently in bloom are: Goldenrod, blue Aster and white Aster.

Monthly meeting notifications are now being sent via email. If anyone is not receiving their notifications, please contact Bill Skelton to ensure that he has your correct email address.

Door prizes were given.

Bill Skelton reminded members of some of the steps that need to be taken to ensure that our hives survive the winter.  Among those preparation steps are:

Feed, if necessary. A minimum of 50 pounds of honey stores are necessary to feed each hive over winter.

A hive with mite counts of 4% (12 mites per 300 bees), or higher, in September will likely result in that hive not surviving through winter.

The November meeting may be held at the Test Farm lodge due to the extension office being used for elections. Bill Skelton will confirm information regarding our November meeting place in the November newsletter.

Vice-president Mickey Clement introduced tonight’s speaker, Tyree Kiser, who is very well-known for his amazing beekeeping expertise. Tyree is an informative and entertaining speaker. Tonight’s presentation was about making Sourwood honey.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:

Cindy G. Way, Secretary

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