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October 2, 2018

President Rick Queen opened the meeting and welcomed guests.

CLUB T-SHIRTS are available for sale at a cost of $10.00 for short-sleeve and $15.00 for long-sleeve.

Rick Queen recognized Frank Holder, who is a member of our Club and is a first-year beekeeper.  Frank won a blue ribbon at the 2018 Mountain State Fair for his extracted honey. Rick stated,

This is the third year that Haywood County beekeepers have won the honey competition at the Mountain State Fair. Last year, Beth Sain and Rick Queen won a blue ribbon for their cut-comb honey. Year-before-last, Alan Stuart won a blue ribbon for his light extracted honey.

Rick Queen and Bill Skelton stressed the importance of monitoring varroa mite levels to ensure the efficacy of your mite treatments. You should do mite checks every four to five weeks during the summer months.

Bill Skelton suggested that it is time to install entrance reducers or mouse guards to prevent mice from moving into the hives since the weather will soon be turning cooler.

BLOOM REPORT:  Currently blooming are goldenrod and aster. The bees appear to be working aster more this year than in the past few years.

Bill Skelton reminded everyone that the SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION FIFTH-GRADERS FIELD DAY is scheduled for October 03 and 04, 2018, at the Test Farm. If any volunteers are unsure of their work schedule, please see Bill.

Bill Skelton shared a portion of the 09/26/2018 USDA HONEY REPORT for North Carolina, which pertains to the eastern portion of the State, and indicates that the supply of honey for sale this year is light while demand is high. Retail prices at the Raleigh State Farmer’s Market remain steady at $8.00 per eight-ounce jar, and $13.00 per 16-ounce jar.

Mandy Kovacks announced that, due to having developed a serious bee allergy, her hives and equipment will be for sale. Her hives have passed inspection by our apiary inspector, Lewis Cauble. Mandy stated that she will have more detailed information at the next meeting.

DOOR PRIZES were given. Many thanks to GRASS ROOTS GARDEN for the beautiful bee-friendly plants and $20.00 gift certificate used for door prizes.

Rick Queen extended a special thank-you to the Director of Public Works for the Town of Waynesville and members of the Master Gardeners Program for being in attendance for tonight’s meeting.

Rick Queen recognized Beth Sain for introducing to our Board the idea of becoming a Bee City USA in an effort to promote a bee-friendly, as well as an overall pollinator-friendly, environment; not just in Waynesville, but in our County as a whole.

Rick Queen recognized Rich and Diane Byers for all their work in arranging for this month’s very special speaker from Bee City USA.

Beth Sain introduced our guest speaker for October 2018, who is Phyllis Stiles, from Asheville, North Carolina. Phyllis is the founder of BEE CITY USA.

Following an amazing presentation on pollinators and Bee City USA, the meeting was adjourned.

Our meeting for November will be a special meeting day, which is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, November 07, 2018, beginning at 7:00 PM.  Our speaker will be Dr. William McCann of Allergy Partners, who will discuss “bee stings” – the mechanics of them, possible dangers, and treatments.

Meeting adjourned.


Cindy G. Way, Secretary

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