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Monthly Minutes…

2. Al Edwards agreed to chair a committee to get Haywood County residents to plant pollinator-friendly plants. Plants of interest include: Dutch white clover, buckwheat, cone flowers and zinnias.

3. Beth Sain and Bill Skelton will co-chair a committee to establish a Bee City U.S.A. within Haywood County similar to what Asheville has done. Asheville is a Bee City U.S.A. and was the first established Bee City.

Meeting Minutes: Discussion was opened asking if members rely on reading word-for-word minutes of the regular monthly meetings and how much interest there might be in having recorded meeting minutes available on the web site. President Rick Queen noted the good turnouts we have been having at meetings.  Members expressed the feeling that most folks regularly attend the meetings. The consensus was to post an abstract summary on our web site of monthly meeting minutes covering the more important points.  Members may contact other members if they need more details.

Our 2018 Beginners Bee School was a great success.  Speakers were Allen Blanton, Bill Skelton, Tyree Kyser, Rick Queen, Jim Coller, and Bee Inspector Lewis Cauble. All speakers gave excellent presentations. Cynthia Schwartz and Cindy Way worked registration, and Cynthia Schwartz assisted with set-up and cleanup of the delicious catered lunch.  A package of bees was given as a door prize.

Honey Bees for Sale:  Kathy Taylor of KT’s Orchard and Apiary has nucs for sale from a reputable beekeeper in Nebo, NC and also has package bees for sale.

Door Prizes were given, which consisted of a $15.00 gift certificate from Wild Mountain Bees, a $15.00 gift certificate from KT’s Orchard and Apiary, as well as a one-half pound package of Dutch white clover seed donated by Rusty Nichols.  A big thank you to our generous door prize donors.

Package Bee Raffle Tickets are for sale at a cost of $1.00 per ticket or six tickets for $5.00.  The drawing will be held at the April 2018 regular monthly meeting.

Haywood County Extension Master Gardeners Plant Sale: Bill Skelton announced that the Master Gardeners Volunteer Association is currently accepting orders for their 2018 plant sale for perennial plants, “natives and more,” and for edible plant varieties.  The final date for accepting orders (with full payment) is March 16, 2018. However, the pick-up dates differ: Pick-up date for EDIBLES is Saturday, April 07, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., and the pick-up date for PERENNIAL PLANTS is Saturday, May 19, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Jackson County Bee Club: Jackson County is attempting to start a new bee club with plans to hold meetings at the County Agent Office in Sylva.  Allen Blanton is assisting them with getting started. The Jackson County club hopes to hold meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. No further details are available at this time.

Treasurer’s Report: Cynthia Schwartz reported that our Club currently has $812.78 in its checking account and $1,472.61 in savings.

NC State Beekeepers Association Spring Meeting is scheduled for March 01 – 03, 2018, in New Bern, North Carolina. Information is available on the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association web site.

Bee Equipment for Sale:  Vicky Morrison, our past Secretary, is retiring from beekeeping. She has a full line of equipment for sale and one hive of bees. Contact our Vice-President, Rich Byers, for more details.

Speaker for February 2018: Our speaker this month was Dr. Beverly Collins, Professor of Biology at Western Carolina University, who gave an excellent presentation on “Who Rules: The Flowers or the Bee?” This program pertained to a study of bees and their relationship with flowers while looking at types of nectar, pollen, etc.

Our Speaker for March 2018: Sarah McKinney of Wild Mountain Bees, who will present the topic of Winter Recovery: Requeening-Why, When, and How.

Respectfully submitted by:

Cindy G. Way, Secretary

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February 06, 2018

President Rick Queen called the meeting to order and commended everyone for tonight’s great turnout despite the chilly, rainy weather.

Visitors were welcomed.

Bloom report:  Some folks have observed bees bringing in some yellow pollen, which, most likely, is Dandelion.

New Beekeepers: President Rick Queen has spoken with new beekeepers who have stopped attending our meetings because they felt like the subject matter of the monthly meetings is too advanced for beekeepers at the beginning level.  Due to those concerns, the Club will open the doors at 6:30 p.m. for monthly meetings so that new beekeepers may arrive early to ask questions and receive instruction for half an hour before the regular meeting begins. Also, instructions will be provided on special topics.  For the March 2018 meeting, the early session topic will pertain to assembling equipment. For April 2018, the early session topic will pertain to feeding methods.

Committee Projects: President Rick Queen presented three ideas that were discussed at the Club Board Meeting held earlier this evening.

1. Rudie Bax will chair a committee, with which Rich Byers and Rick Queen have agreed to assist.  The committee is also asking for members to help serve and to contact people who might know of young people who wish to become beekeepers. The kids might be asked to write a one-page article on a subject to be determined by the Committee.  The students would need to be mentored to ensure they maintain an interest in moving forward in beekeeping.  The Club hopes to help at least a couple of kids of suitable age to get started in beekeeping.

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