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November 7, 2018

President Rick Queen opened the meeting and welcomed guests.

Club Elections will be held at the December meeting. We will elect a vice-president, treasurer and two board of director positions.

In the absence of Brother Alan Blanton, who chaired this year’s Nominating Committee, Bill Skelton presented the Nominating Committee Report.


Mickey Clement for vice-president.

Cynthia Schwartz for treasurer.

Al Edwards for director.

Keith Styles for director.

All nominees were accepted.

Quilt Raffle: Raffle tickets are on sale for a honey bee and sunflower themed quilt, which may also be used as a wall-hanging. The cost of those tickets are $1.00 each; six tickets for $5.00; and eleven tickets for $10.00. The quilt owner advised that she must have $225.00 for the cost of the quilt. All proceeds above that amount will go to the club treasury. See Cynthia Schwartz to purchase tickets.

Hive Report: Recent weather has been somewhat unseasonably warm. Bees are still flying and bringing in pollen. Bees should be clustered by this time. Bill cautioned everyone to monitor the weight of hives throughout the winter to ensure adequate food stores and to implement emergency feeding methods if necessary.

Haywood Soil and Water Conservation Fifth Graders Field Day. Carrie Keller read a letter received by the club from Gail Heathman, Education Coordinator for Haywood Soil and Water Conservation District thanking club members who volunteered with the bee station at this year’s Fifth Graders Field Day. 580 students participated this year.

Also, a letter from one of the students was circulated at the meeting, in which the student described how much the Field Day meant to her and described the bee station as one of her favorite parts of the Field Day.

Rick Queen recognized Frank Holder. Frank is a first-year beekeeper, who won a blue ribbon at the Haywood County Agriculture Fair for his light extracted honey. His honey also won a blue ribbon at the Mountain State Fair in Asheville as well as Best of Show in the senior bees and honey category at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh. Congratulations Frank on your outstanding accomplishments!

Door Prizes were given, which were a $15.00 gift certificate from K.T.’s Orchard and Apiary; a $15.00 gift certificate from Honey and the Hive, and a one-pound jar of honey donated by Frank Holder.

Bill Skelton introduced tonight’s speaker, Dr. William McCann of Allergy Partners of Western North Carolina, who gave an outstanding presentation on “bee stings” – the mechanics of them, possible dangers, and treatments.

December’s meeting will be a pot-luck supper, which will likely start at 6:00PM. The club will provide meat. Members are asked to bring a covered side dish to share.iscuss “bee stings” – the mechanics of them, possible dangers, and treatments.

Meeting adjourned.


Cindy G. Way, Secretary

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